Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine

Visitors experience the industry that created Foster Township and developed the region more than 150 years at the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine in Ashland.

In an electric coal car, they ride 1,800 into Mahanoy Mountain where the subterranean temperature remains at 52 degrees and the water drips as it did on the miners. An above-ground railroad excursion also are available.

The attractions are 12 miles from the Foster Township Municipal Building and open from April to October.

Yuengling Brewery

America’s oldest brewery offers regular tours where guests of all ages can see caves where the beer fermented in the age before refrigeration. Yuengling is still owned by the family that founded it in 1829 in Pottsville, 8 miles from the Foster Township Municipal Building.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

The movement to protect hawks and other raptors from indiscriminant hunting started here in Kempton in 1934. Since then, more than a million hawks, falcons, eagles and vultures have soared past, fascinating bird-watchers and scientists. Hawk Mountain has become a center for research, but also offers hiking, education sessions about the natural world and programs for families throughout the year 26 miles from the Foster Township Municipal Building.

Locust Lake and Tuscarora State Parks

The companion parks a few miles apart and 23 miles from Foster Township each offer lakes for swimming, fishing, row-boating, canoeing and kayaking, and miles of hiking trails.

901 Pub

Great food, delicious drinks and an excellent atmosphere: 901 Pub in Pottsville, PA has all of this and more.

Foster Township